Let’s cut to the chase. The reason why your email campaigns aren’t working is because of one or more of the following five issues:

They’re not Relevant

They don’t hook directly into the things your target buyer cares most about, at that specific moment.

They’re not Relatable

They don’t connect with issues or events your buyer understands, has experience of, or is meaningful to them.

They’re not Enticing

They don’t offer obvious and attractive gains.

They’re Overcomplicated

They use language or concepts that are foreign to the reader.

They’re Verbose

They take too long to get to the point. …

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Our circumstances may have changed dramatically due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, but not everything will be subject to such a drastic shift.

While our immediate context both socially and economically is unrecognisable and the brand and business landscape will likely be reformed, what buyers demand from their suppliers will remain essentially the same as it did before Coronavirus.

Not because buyers are immune to or unaffected by the impact of COVID-19 but because buyer psychology is constantly evolving and has been experiencing a period of sustained, intense change for some time. …

Brainstorms do not lead to buyers.

Becoming a priority purchase is critical but it can’t be done without understanding your market’s priorities first.

‘How do we make our product/service a must-have?’

I recently ran a workshop on buyer psychology for a group of business owners. When asked, why they’d come, this was the question that came up the most.

Many in the audience felt like they were having good meetings. But sales were stalling or not happening at all.

Their wares were generating good feedback but no cheques were written. No sales made.

They just weren’t a high enough priority.

It Reminded Me of a Story

In The Challenger Customer, the sequel to their paradigm-shifting bestseller, The Challenger Sale, Brent…

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What would it be like if ideal customers or perfect employees just turned up at your doorstep?

No more pitches, proposals or wading through CVs.

Just ‘POOF’, the phone rings or your email pings and a voice says, ‘I love what you do, can I work with you.’

Sound farfetched?

Well for one company it’s a reality.

‘They turn up. The fact they come to us is the best possible advertisement.’

That was Ian Hislop on James O’Brien’s Full Disclosure podcast.

They were discussing the ongoing success of Private Eye and how the magazine continues to attract some of the…

A profile raising campaign we’re running for a client on LinkedIn is generating some interesting results. Over the past 12 weeks, the content has enjoyed 10,000s of views and 100s of likes and comments.

The question is, what does this actually mean? Is the activity worthwhile?

While it’s hard to determine the commercial impact at this early stage, these so called ‘Vanity Metrics’ are not without value.

Consistently drawing a healthy number of views would suggest that you’re doing something right. That you’re sharing something of interest and or value.

But it’s the likes that are most interesting.

A like…

I recently came across the inspirational story of Kurt ‘Mountain Man’ Steiner.

At 88, he holds the stone skimming world record. That’s not his age. It’s the number of skips. 20 more than his closest rival.

If you’ve ever tried to skim a stone, you’ll appreciate what an astonishing feat this is.

I might get 4 and that’s on a good day.

The story goes that one day, he announced his world record breaking intention to his disbelieving wife and gave up everything to achieve it.

Over 3 years, he perfected his craft. Through much trial and error, he identified…

Ready to get noticed?

Take a leaf out of Claire Lehmann’s book.

Claire is the founder of Quillette.com, a platform that celebrates free expression and the free exchange of ideas.

Despite a shoestring budget, it enjoys nearly 1,000,000 visitors every month. An achievement many mainstream media outlets, would give their left limb for.

The secret of her success. Focus, commitment and a fearless pursuit of her editorial vision.

Quillette doesn’t conform.

It often flies in the face of established wisdom and isn’t afraid to tackle issues many would consider taboo.

Some might call its output controversial. Dangerous even. …

It’s been described as “the stupidest thing any country has done,” “a declaration of economic war upon ourselves” and “a monumental act of self-harm”.

One that could derail the economy, cost the UK £100s of billions in lost revenue and put an unprecedented number of businesses and livelihoods at risk.

Yet on the 23rd of June 2016, the majority of British voters (albeit a slim one), decided it was time to leave the EU and close the door on nearly 50 years of close collaboration and free trade.

It’s too early to say what impact the decision will have in…

Companies operating today, do so in some of the most fiercely competitive and noisy conditions in the history of commerce.

Without meaningful differentiation it’s easy to disappear amongst the morass of me too marketing messaging.

Or find yourself in a race to the bottom, where price feels like the only battleground upon which to take on your competition.

In this challenging environment, you need to cultivate a compelling reason why.

Something significant that helps you to stand out because of the unmatched value it offers your market.

What we call your Unique Differentiating Value.

How to Identify Your Unique Differentiating Value

While price will always feel important…

Last year, Beckton, a software company involved in marketing optimisation, published a damning report on the state of content marketing.

Entitled, ‘Marketing Truth or Marketing Hype’, it concluded that 5% of all content garners 90% of consumer engagement. That means for every piece that gets attention, there’s another 19 sitting alone at a darkened corner table, nursing a warm pint.

When you consider the scale of content creation, that’s an enormous amount of wasted time, effort and money.

And with odds like that, it’s likely it’s your time, effort and money being wasted.

But before you call it a day…

Alex Moscow

I help ambitious business owners to showcase your value, enhance your message and attract ideal clients & employees.

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