Are You Ignoring One of Your Businesses Most Valuable Assets

Alex Moscow
2 min readFeb 8, 2019


I recently came across the inspirational story of Kurt ‘Mountain Man’ Steiner.

At 88, he holds the stone skimming world record. That’s not his age. It’s the number of skips. 20 more than his closest rival.

If you’ve ever tried to skim a stone, you’ll appreciate what an astonishing feat this is.

I might get 4 and that’s on a good day.

The story goes that one day, he announced his world record breaking intention to his disbelieving wife and gave up everything to achieve it.

Over 3 years, he perfected his craft. Through much trial and error, he identified the ideal stone, stance and grip.

However, it was his pitch that created waves.

Before Kurt disturbed the still waters of the stone skimming world, physicists believed they’d discovered the secret to the optimal stone throw.

They had the angle, the velocity and the number of spins all worked out.

Through hard work, focus and determination, he created a technique that flew in the face of the science. And in the process produced never seen before results.

It was his experience and the expertise and approach that resulted that enabled him to rise to the top.

Anyone who wants to take Kurt on must now master his technique.

And that’s the point.

It’s your experience and the results it enables you to achieve that sets you apart, makes you unique and defines your value.

Don’t keep it a secret.

When marketing themselves, too many businesses focus on what they do. Problem is, when you do that, you just look and sound like everyone else.

If you want to stand out, share your experience. Demonstrate your value.

Don’t ignore one of your businesses most valuable assets.



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