How to Engage and Attract Perfect Prospects to Your Business

Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash

Did you know that the owners of B2B businesses almost always have the same objective?

  • Finding ideal prospects is a struggle
  • When you do find them, it’s tough getting their attention
  • Those that do, often find it difficult to position themselves as a priority purchase and see their sales cycles spiral into many months of delay

My Lightbulb Moment

My Most Important Discovery

  1. Identify and package their insight to make it compelling
  2. Pinpoint key accolades that would make them a credible spokesperson
  • 15+ qualified leads from target companies achieved over a period of 5 months
  • Constant spikes in web and LinkedIn traffic when sharing the coverage achieved through the campaigning
  • Potential reach that totaled in the millions

Three Key Learnings

  1. Makes your market sit up and listen
  2. Exerts an emotionally charged magnetic pull that brings ideal prospects to your business
  3. Demonstrates why you are the perfect partner to help solve your prospect’s problems

My Mission

Practicing what I Preach



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Alex Moscow

I help ambitious business owners to showcase your value, enhance your message and attract ideal clients & employees.