How to Stand Out

Alex Moscow
2 min readFeb 5, 2019


Ready to get noticed?

Take a leaf out of Claire Lehmann’s book.

Claire is the founder of, a platform that celebrates free expression and the free exchange of ideas.

Despite a shoestring budget, it enjoys nearly 1,000,000 visitors every month. An achievement many mainstream media outlets, would give their left limb for.

The secret of her success. Focus, commitment and a fearless pursuit of her editorial vision.

Quillette doesn’t conform.

It often flies in the face of established wisdom and isn’t afraid to tackle issues many would consider taboo.

Some might call its output controversial. Dangerous even. But that’s part of its appeal.

In today’s content soaked society, there’s no room for hum drum. To successfully grab attention, you need an edge.

You should challenge the status quo, question false assumptions and examine the beliefs and behaviours that result.

Content should be transformative. Pushing the reader forward through fresh perspectives and by providing new ideas for gaining forward momentum.

This type of Transformative Insight — ideas and advice that trigger meaningful progress — is not just the purview of the few.

We all have it.

It’s the result of your experience and expertise. It’s what drives your unique approach and it’s the secret to your success.

It’s the hunches you trusted, the lessons you’ve learned and the mistakes you’ve made.

Now is the time to bring it out into the world.

To share it and give it life.



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