I’ve started waking up at 5am recently. At first I was worried. Worried I wasn’t getting enough sleep to operate during the day. So of course the worry meant I couldn’t get back to sleep.

Worse I was being woken up by worries. Worries about money, about the future, my work. The usual. I would lie there just worrying.

Then something amazing happened. I started thinking through the problems and I found that I was finding solutions. Creative and elegant answers that drive the rest of my day.

After reading this article I now know why. Now I lookbgirward to waking up at five. I read, write and have fantastic chats with my wife.

I’m never tired during the day. In fact I have more energy than ever.

Roll on 5am!


I help ambitious business owners to showcase your value, enhance your message and attract ideal clients & employees.

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