This is how to Differentiate Yourself in 2018

Alex Moscow
2 min readNov 14, 2017


Companies operating today, do so in some of the most fiercely competitive and noisy conditions in the history of commerce.

Without meaningful differentiation it’s easy to disappear amongst the morass of me too marketing messaging.

Or find yourself in a race to the bottom, where price feels like the only battleground upon which to take on your competition.

In this challenging environment, you need to cultivate a compelling reason why.

Something significant that helps you to stand out because of the unmatched value it offers your market.

What we call your Unique Differentiating Value.

How to Identify Your Unique Differentiating Value

While price will always feel important, in truth it’s rarely the defining factor in any negotiation.

What customers really want is the confidence their supplier will deliver the needed results and your market will be willing to pay a premium for that certainty.

Your job is to position yourself as best in class by establishing your Unique Differentiating Value. Which we define as:

The positive impact only you can deliver through a combination of your unique experience, expertise and approach.

However, this is not something you can easily define on your own. While most businesses know WHAT their customers buy, few know WHY.

Nor do they measure the profound positive impact their work has on their clients and their organisations.

This insight is essential for discovering your meaningful difference and can only be uncovered by speaking to customers directly and asking them the right questions.

Introducing the 9MM Case Study Questionnaire

Experience has taught us time and again that your customers will tell you everything you need to know to sell effectively to people just like them.

And that your case studies are some of the most powerful tools for presenting this information.


Too many customer stories lose their power because the client is only consulted at the end of the creation process.

When you do this, you miss out on getting their story, their perspective and their insight into your work together.

Which is a problem because that’s the stuff that really connects with your market.

That’s why we’ve devised this questionnaire.

To make it extremely easy to get the information you need to discern your Unique Differentiating Value and communicate it successfully to your market.

You can get your complimentary copy here.



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