What Brexit Teaches Us about Crafting Campaigns that Compel Action

Success Against Considerable Odds

The 4 Critical Components of Content Campaigns that Inspire Action

Component 1: A Shared Vision for the Future Underpinned by Common Values

  1. Leavers were those who see themselves as English rather than British (74%) or more English than British (62%).
  2. Matters of identity were equally if not more strongly associated with the vote to Leave — particularly feelings of national identity and sense of change over time.
  3. A group NatCen classified as the Older Working Class — those who identify strongly with British — were also most likely to vote Leave.
  4. Those who believed Britain has got a lot worse in the last ten years (73%) were also more likely to vote Leave.

Key Lessons for Marketers

  1. Your audience is on a journey. Find out what their desired destination looks and feels like.
  2. Clearly describe that future and your audience’s place in it.
  3. Connect your objectives with the realisation of their future.

Component 2: An Acute Awareness and Empathy for Your Audience’s Current Situation

  1. Those with an income of less than £1,200 per month (66%)
  2. Those in social housing provided by a local authority (70%) or housing association (68%)
  3. Those finding it difficult to manage financially (70%) or just about getting by (60%)

Key Lessons for Marketers

  1. People want to feel understood.
  2. They put their trust in the people they feel understand them.
  3. Demonstrate empathy for your market’s woes and they’ll believe you can set them free.

Component 3: A Root Cause that Resonates

Key Lessons for Marketers

  1. Before people can move forward, they must first see what’s holding them back.
  2. Clearly link their current circumstances to the behaviours and beliefs you want to replace.
  3. Show. Don’t tell. Let them connect the dots for themselves.

Component 4: Affirmative Action Your Audience Can Take to Quickly Trigger Momentum

Key Lessons for Marketers

  1. People like quick wins.
  2. Make the wins easy to achieve and people will take the action you want them to take.
  3. Help them make tangible progress early and they’ll trust you to take them the rest of the way.

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