Why Content Creation is a Waste of Your Time

And with odds like that, it’s likely it’s your time, effort and money being wasted.

A Question of Quality?

Personally, I’ve got a problem with the term quality. It isn’t a useful measure for improvement because it doesn’t direct you to a place where you can create better content.

What’s Really Going On?

If your content is failing to engage your audience, it’s because it’s useless. In that, it has no use.

They’re not necessarily bad shows. Nor are they poorly produced. They just don’t meet your criteria of must watch TV.

Getting to the Root Cause of Crummy Content

  1. How to save money using our stuff.
  2. How our stuff helps you to create efficiency.
  3. Why your business needs our stuff.

Problem is, it isn’t compulsive viewing for your audience.

How to Make Your Content Matter

If you want to break into someone’s consciousness, you must answer the questions they are asking right now. The important questions. The ones they can’t answer on their own.

A Useful Exercise

Look for where they are getting stuck, why they are getting stuck and the advice you can offer to help them regain momentum.



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